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About me

Hand made weaving workshop.

My name is Cinzia Gazzarri and I’m the owner of Trame di Storia since February, 2016; I took over the weaving workshop from the woman who taught me the art of weaving;

everything has started in 2002, when i moved to Siena from Volterra attending the music conservatory; I was trying to become a lyric singer, but during the studies i needed a job to earn money, pay bills and stuff like this; the old owner needed someone to help her, and that’s how I’ve learned this magic art… After four years life changing brought me to do many others jobs, but i alaways hold in my heart the dream to make a work of the weaving art… and in the end, this dream has come true! Visiting my hand weaving workshop you’ll be “brought back in time” watching the weaving process of fabrics I made, cut and sew to make clothes for sale. I need to be very focused and patient to create free from any lien, but it’s like paint a clean canvas where I pour my creativity, that is always connected with my actual mood.

Take a look to may creations

My creations are unique and not repeatable, made with first quality fibers like cashmere, merino’s wool, mohair, alpaca, linen, silk; soft, warm… and for ever.

hand made weaving workshop
Stepping in front of my shop you’ll often see me while I’m working



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